Anytime, any place, anywhere
Life Champions 5.0 is built to meet your needs now and tomorrow. Scaled to manage upto 1 Billion accounts in 240 countries across mobile, tablets, kiosks, game consoles.
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The Perfect Solution
We save you time, money and resource with our pre-integrated solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our platform can have you up and running in weeks not months with no capital expenditure required.
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Client in Control
Our platform-as-a-service has been designed to put you in the driving seat, wherever you are whatever the size of your team you can plan, test, monitor and amend your programme.
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Safe and Secure
Our heritage began in the payments and finance history ensuring all our systems are built above and beyond banking standard. We use multilayer security with full audit tracking and monitoring.
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Rocket Science to Reality
Life Champions 5.0 powers your organisation to new heights, bringing rocket science to reality. Our out of the box solutions leverage the latest cloud technologies pre-integrated in one suite of products.
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  • What We Do

    Generate new revenue streams.
    New Revenue
    Increase the value of your data.
    Data Value
    Social profile data at your fingertips.
    Social Data
    Payments, Loyalty, Rewards & Benefits.
    Mobile, peer-to-peer & retailer payments.
  • Our Solutions

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  • What We Do

    Life Champions 5.0 is a multi-channel platform that delivers; mobile wallets, e-payments, loyalty, reward and benefits programmes to organisations looking to enhance communication, revenue potential and data value.

    Our platform-as-a-service is unlike anything else you will find in one solution in the market today. The platform is a profit generator rather than a cost centre.

    Get in touch to see how we can help your organisation leverage the power of Life Champions 5.0.

  • Life Champions Head Office

    Heron Tower,
    110 Bishopsgate,
    London EC2N 4AY
    Fax: 0207 681 3422

    Life Champions Loyalty LTD.
    Company number: 09311870
    VAT Number: 202-9919-09

  • Our USPs

    Delivered in weeks not months: better, faster, cheaper than our competitors, with pre-built solutions for 17 key vertical markets, here are our top 10 USPs:

    - E-wallets, Loyalty & rewards in one
    - Revenue generative
    - No CAPEX requirement
    - Full social integration
    - Monetises communities
    - "Pick & Mix” components
    - Bolt-on to any existing programme
    - Scaled to 1 Billion accounts
    - Available in over multiple countries
    - Multiple device, console or kiosk deployment

  • Safe & Secure

    We leverage our e-money heritage to bring bank grade enterprise deployment to your programme for full peace of mind for you and your members:

    - Enterprise scaled platform
    - Hierarchical Territory access
    - Bank grade security
    - Multi-layer member accounts
    - Log in audit tracking
    - Full voice recording
    - PCI billing environment
    - Full encrypted data
    - Built in-resilience
    - Agent tracking & recording

  • Life Champions Release 5.0

    We have been working hard to incorporate over 100 new features into this release and here are the top 10 new features we think you will love:

    - Multi region avilability
    - iOS, Android
    - Integrated marketing cloud
    - Frictionless social sign in
    - 8 new Benefit Plan levels
    - Benefit entitlements management
    - Member Privacy Centre
    - Multi-channel support
    - Social data access
    - Multi-currency wallets