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Life Champions benefits from its own growing film studio facility and production company. Our award-winning team of creatives, producers and filmmakers delivers bespoke branded video content, promotional films and advertising. Having our production facility ensures that we only produce items of the finest quality, quality that we are proud to have under the Life Champions Studios brand. This also means complete responsibility for content planning, right through to targeting and monitoring campaign performance, ensuring fantastic results.


Business Brainstorm

Life Champions provides to its members a bespoke media streaming and video on-demand service via its digital television platform, hosting both in-house content and content from third-party partners. Our multiple channels target numerous demographics, targeted from the data collected, in order to lead our clients’ consumers to content. 


Two Men in Office

Life Champions enjoys its own award-winning, including BAFTA-winning, production team for the creation of original and engaging brand-led series, specials, miniseries, documentaries, and films. With the collaboration of our partners, we produce targeted content for our members designed specifically to bring value to our clients and to our members. 



The landscape of digital marketing is rapidly changing how brands can take advantage of promotions embedded in content. The Life Champions platform is a revolutionary tool for content-driven productions, ensuring that our clients are visible to their target audiences with minimal risk of ad-blindness. 

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