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Life Champions Music specialises in song and album production for solo artists, singers and songwriters in the pop, rock, acoustic and indie fields.  Life Champions takes its clients’ songs all the way from the initial demo recording to a fully produced, professionally mixed track.  Life Champions benefits from an established production team that can write or co-write the song, produce, and market it.

Talking Business


We understand the power and emotion that music brings to any commercial opportunity from a TV ad to a social campaign customer journey. With a growing range of emerging and established artists we can customise music specifically for your projects and campaigns. This not only provides you with a bespoke on-demand management service but can also reduce royalty costs for commercials as well as providing a long-term revenue generating asset.

Business Meeting


Life Champions helps its artists realise their vision, managing recording and production of its musicians’ sound, and bringing our artists together to collaborate as part of the Life Champions family of artists. With a highly experienced and talented team, Life Champions brings together the artistic concept of its performers while overseeing the budget and schedule of delivery of the final piece. 



Our ability to define, fund, produce and commercialise live and near live music events opens up many new opportunities for our artists and the Global Brand Partners supporting them. Our own LCTV network and social delivery capacities built with some of the most powerful networks in the world no-longer require traditional broadcast networks and can go to air in minutes, days and hours not months whilst opening new revenue and consumer engagement opportunities.

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