One size definitely doesn’t fit all and our new release has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Whether your organisation has a handful of brands or hundreds in various territories we can help increase sales, drive revenue and improve cross channel access and visibility.

Fast track your Rewards Programme

Life Champions Private Social Network (PSN) gets you up and running faster, with no capital costs and minimal resource requirements from your organisation. We have worked with over 100 leading organisations to build a feature rich and powerful programme providing all the components you need. Member registration to data analytics comes pre-built and packaged ready to go leaving you to focus on your goals.

Key Components out of the box

To get you out there as soon as possible we provide the following key components straight out of the box:

1.    Marketing Hub to control your cross channel communications
2.    Frictionless registration leveraging 12 social providers
3.    Benefits management offers tiered benefit plans customised to your organisation
4.    Billing & subscription management
5.    Multifunction digital membership cards
6.    Multi-device Programme portals & apps to drive member adoption and profile management
7.    Data analytics to unlock the increased value of your members
8.    Manage Reports

As individual as you

Your programme should be as individual as you are so we have designed numerous features to ensure your programme embodies your brand, ethos and character.  Components such as mobile apps, benefits and rewards can be quickly configured to make your programme stand out from the crowd.

Associations & Memberships

Associations, memberships, professional bodies and alumni can use this solution. Associations & Memberships

Key Features:

1.    Increase sign up and renewals
2.    Offer new benefits and rewards
3.    Leverage social engagement
4.    Improve member support
5.    Increase revenue without increasing fees

Providing new ways to engage and communicate with your members can be expensive. Our platform transforms your ability to speak directly to members on a 1-2-1 basis through the power of our apps.  Building your own apps platforms is time consuming and expensive.  We take away that pain to allow you to focus on running your organisation.


Banking & Processors

Banks & Payment Processors can leverage this solution at scale, securely. Banks & Processors

Key Features:

1.    Increase competitive edge
2.    Generate greater engagement
3.    Increase transactions
4.    Enable merchant acquirer offers
5.    Increase revenue without increasing fees

With an ever increasingly competitive market place banks and processors need to lead from the front with account services that help make them stand out from the crowd. Leveraging our platform not only transforms your existing presentation capabilities but can add vital additional services. Delivered through the secure layers with our enhanced customer care modules, our platform will reduce IT spend whilst increasing customer spend.


Celebrities, Film & TV

Purpose built to help celebrities, musicians, Film and TV licensing agencies. Celebrities, Film & TV

Key Features:

1.    New merchandising products
2.    Increased fan engagement
3.    Multi-channel marketing
4.    Global reach
5.    Multiple brand hierarchy

The power of a brand associated with a film, TV show, musician or celebrity is undeniable. However, maximising the potential of that brand can be expensive and ultimately miss out on revenue when fans and followers are not buying your merchandise. With our tailor-made platform deployment you can monetise that social media reach and provide fans and followers with value add services that generate additional revenue to the artist.


Charities & Not-for-profits

Keep your message in the hands of those you need most.  Charities & Not-for-Profits

Key Features:

1.    Full social leverage
2.    Increase donor engagement
3.    Expense cards
4.    Single donor view & cleaner data
5.    Generate new revenue streams

The pressure is always on with charity or not-for-profit organisations to maintain communication with supporters and donors without pestering them. It’s a fine balance, made even more difficult, with the ever increasing number of organisations entering this space.  Our platform helps you stand out from the crowd without blowing the marketing budget and keeps your message in the hands of those that you need most. With extensive feature widgets you can add new events, campaigns and donation requests as easily as creating a new web page.  What’s more, your membership registration maintains its integrity reducing the new to build new registration processes for each campaign.



Increase staff benefits at no extra cost to your organisation. Corporates

Key Features:

1.    New rewards for staff
2.    Free salary transfer
3.    Multi-currency payment cards
4.    Remove need for company credit cards
5.    Full transparency on employee expenses

Keeping your staff motivated is always a challenge, doing it whilst maintaining great customer or client care is even more difficult. With our new staff engagement apps now you can do both. Our unique ability to link real-time, in-location purchases to feedback directly from your customers can enhance your visibility whilst enable staff to compete store to store with our built in gamification elements.



Reduce costs and provide local community rewards. Government

Key Features:

1.    Residents rewards programmes
2.    New rewards for staff
3.    Free salary transfer
4.    Benefit and healthcare pay out management
5.    Full transparency on employee expenses

Our platform not only covers all the basic functionality you might expect with the use of powerful prepaid e-accounts for enhanced money management,  we can also provide new rewards, benefits, discounts and deals for the residents in your towns and cities.  Our “Residents Rewards” programme can encourage trade at local merchants whilst massively improving the communications between you and your constituents.


Mobile networks

We help you unlock revenue opportunities and increase join and retention stats.  Mobile Networks

Key Features:

1.    Drive higher acquisition/retention
2.    Differentiate on non-mobile services
3.    Offer “bank-lite” services
4.    Increase location based revenue services
5.    Leverage subscriber community social sphere

At up to 90% more cost effective than current methodologies, the Life Champions platform brings instant additional revenue and services in a cut throat market. Leveraging the combined power of social providers, rewards, location and e-banking lite products, we help  generate much needed additional revenue and customer retention that is vital to the mobile industry.


Radio networks

Enhance your listener proposition with on/off air revenue and data insight. Radio Networks

Key Features:

1.    Increased listener engagement
2.    Generate new off air revenue
3.    Branded programmes for each station
4.    Leverage social for personalised ad
5.    Monetise app download and usage

Combine single listener view with global reporting and profiling to turn your listener audience into a valuable dynamic dataset. Our platform monetises your apps and using the full permission based profiling options we provide, you can improve your ad targeting and revenue capabilities. Your listener experience can be enriched with greater rewards, benefits, discounts and deals customised to your individual radio brands across all your territories.



Drive new reader adoption and advertiser package options with enhanced ads. Publishers

Key Features:

1.    Increase circulation
2.    Uplift on/off page engagement
3.    Generate new ad package types
4.    Branded programmes for each publication
5.    Monetise app download and usage

Publishers face a unique challenge to deliver multiple branded publications and communications uniquely targeted to that readership audience. Managing that across national and international territories whilst keeping IT costs to a minimum is even more challenging with varying sizes of readership. Our offering is unique in being able to quickly and cost effectively launch new branded apps for each of your publications. We not only do this at speed but also provide direct new revenue streams across the entire enterprise.


TV Networks

Drive new viewer adoption, advertiser package options with enhanced ad formats.  TV Networks

Key Features:

1.    Increase audience retention
2.    Uplift on/off screen engagement
3.    Generate new ad package types
4.    Branded programmes for each show/celebrity
5.    Build data clusters for “single viewer view”

Generating new revenue opportunities from a viewer base is a constant battle at the best of times. Increasing viewing figures or ad slots becomes even more difficult when networks are performing well. That extra 2% to 5% of pure profit growth is now made more attainable with Life Champions 5.0. Monetising your millions of app downloads with non-core revenues streams whilst providing relevant and customer selected content through our apps mini stores keeps your apps fresh and front of mind.  Single customer view and loyalty options only previously open to supermarkets now becomes a reality for TV network organisations.


Sports Groups

Offer new and existing members tailor made apps to deliver content, rewards and benefits.  Sports & Leisure Groups

Key Features:

1.    Fully branded apps
2.    Bespoke member rewards
3.    Add your own rewards packages
4.    Leverage image rights
5.    New communications and revenue

You can do all of this and massively enhance your existing offering whilst driving net-new revenue for your organisation.  The power of licensing and reach has never been lost on sports groups but too often that control has come at the cost of losing revenue whilst farming out control of your image rights. Our platform puts you firmly back in the driving seat to offer your sports members unique membership based apps that they can customise with our mini apps and content delivery.



Out of the box loyalty and store gift card programmes with no CAPEX required.   Retailers & Merchants

Key Features:

1.    New revenue from customers
2.    Multi-channel communication
3.    Combined loyalty/gift card
4.    Full location based promotions
5.    Local, national and international reporting

Historically loyalty programmes have cost millions to develop, deploy and maintain.  The Life Champions platform ensures your loyalty proposition is as unique as your customers.  Our platform-as-a-service offers un-parralled speed to market and customisation.  Our platform and apps can deliver greater dexterity with the ability to show multiple loyalty, in-tore and even bank functionality. The geo-fencing capability in our apps unlocks next generation messaging; sending push notifications directly to customers when they are within a pre-set zone around your stores. 1-2-1 communication, vouchers, promotions & payments all rolled into one custom offering that  generates net-new revenue even when customers are not in your stores.


Social Media & Gamers

Generate new revenue streams from players, members and guests.   Social Media & Gamers

Key Features:

1.    New revenue from players
2.    Real world activity increases online sales
3.    In-game virtual products in wish lists
4.    Increased data value options
5.    Embedded community leverage

Whether you provide socialised games on mobile, tablet or consoles the need to provide ever increased account activity remains the nirvana for game environment providers. With the Life Champions platform you can drive further engagement and spend by driving online revenue from real-world everyday activity.  The Life Champions platforms is already scaled to handle up to 1 Billion member accounts in 240 countries meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.



Build or enhance your own branded student offering.   Students

Key Features:

1.    Differentiate from other offerings
2.    Curated apps for your members
3.    Built in multi-currency wallets
4.    Leverage social sphere of members
5.    Embedded community leverage

Our student programmes provide a greater depth and breadth of product than most. Not only does it help manage your student membership database it also combines powerful additional features perfect for the student community.  With built in messaging, deals, offers and multi-currency travel cards to help protect their money at home or abroad, our handy app delivered solution provides a massive advantage to those organisations working within the student sector.


Venues & Places of Interest

Launch  a Life Champions powered programme to support your venue.  Venues & Places of Interest

Key Features:

1.    Branded programmes for your venue
2.    Increased marketing capabilities
3.    New member benefits options
4.    Generate new revenue streams
5.    Brand your membership cards with your venue

Our venues & places of interest solution has been deployed with a wide range of venues in mind. From nightclubs and stately homes to museums or entertainment parks, this deployment of our platform makes it easy for customers and visitors to sign up to your programme online or via our apps. When powered by Life Champions your membership programme will go where your customers go and enable you to communicate directly with them from one central location. The geo-fencing capability in our apps unlocks next generation messaging; sending push notifications directly to members when they are within a pre-set zone around your venue. This will increase member adoption/retention whilst generating new revenue streams.

Our solutions are pre-integrated, reducing the burden on IT and enabling clients to focus on their business objectives whilst our platform does the “heavy lifting” (reducing/removing IT integration). Life Champions introduces new billing options your finance director will love. No hefty capital expenditure outlay up front and pay-as-you-go fees ongoing that can be recharged internally to departments using the platform.

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  • What We Do

    Our Private Social Network (PSN) puts traditional and emerging digital brands in control of their fans and followers’ data, revenue and global digital rights. The PSN recognises and rewards ongoing engagement from fans and followers whilst creating engaging multi-channel opportunities for sponsors, authorised brands and content providers.

    The LC PSN unlocks the multi-billion-dollar digital sponsorship and marketing opportunity whilst promoting, protecting and policing the digital rights of the brand.

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  • Our USPs

    Delivered in weeks not months: better, faster, cheaper than our competitors, with pre-built solutions here are our top 10 USPs:

    - Digital Wealth Management
    - Fan engagement
    - E-wallets, Loyalty & rewards in one
    - Revenue generative
    - No CAPEX requirement
    - Full social integration
    - Monetises communities
    - "Pick & Mix” components
    - Scaled to 1 Billion accounts
    - Multi-device support

  • Safe & Secure

    We leverage our e-money heritage to bring bank grade enterprise deployment for full peace of mind for you and your Fans:

    - Enterprise scaled platform
    - Hierarchical Territory access
    - Bank grade security
    - Multi-layer member accounts
    - Log in audit tracking
    - Full voice recording
    - PCI billing environment
    - Full encrypted data
    - Built in-resilience
    - Agent tracking & recording

  • Life Champions Release 6.0

    We have been working hard to incorporate many new features and here are just a few we think you will love:

    - Frictionless social registration
    - Global video platform
    - Private Video Market place
    - Fan engagement suite
    - Multi region avilability
    - Integrated marketing cloud
    - Member Privacy Centre
    - Multi-channel support
    - Social data access