Life Champions 5.0 gives you the edge of your competitors with our pre-integrated products and services.  During the “Discovery” meeting our product specialists will agree with you the components and configuration required to blend with your existing branding, communications and infrastructure.

Interactive Marketing Cloud (IMC)

Life Champions has partnered with communications leader ExactTarget to bring you the access to the IMC as part of your set up. Our deep integration with the IMC not only saves you time and money; it opens up greater campaign management flexibility based on the data records, transaction information and even your own data clusters.

Key Features:ExactTarget Home Screen

1.    Management across all devices per brand
2.    Linked directly into the member contact records
3.    Audience segmentation based on full data record
4.    Centralised view of email, Push, Social and SMS
5.    Ability to enrich segments with client data
6.    Manage programme and in house campaigns
7.    Full compliance with all legal requirements
8.    Automated & Triggered communications
9.    Single view of campaign schedule
10.    Live Reporting via the “Pulse Dashboard”

Our integration ensures all your programme communications will be displayed with your full branding along with any compliance information that we need to display. The power of multi-channel marketing across email, social, SMS and push notifications enables consistent, relevent and enticing messaging. We also allow you to extend the integration to encompass all your messaging and communications to include your own products and services.


Frictionless Registration & Migration

Life Champions understands the need to have fast, accurate and socially enabled registration processes. To this end we have worked with a number of partners to provide Frictionless Registration to new members leveraging the power of social sign in to reduce the number of key strokes and to enable effortless migration from legacy platforms.


Key Features:

1.    Leverages single sign in from over 30 social providers
2.    Rapid registration with reduced key stroke entry
3.    Auto fills 75% of fields from the social provide
4.    Provides short registration option for promotions
5.    Dynamic address validation as you type
6.    Customised questions and data capture
7.    Enables rapid return and sign in for repeat visitors
8.    Online, device or in store
9.    Opens social sphere of the member and social broadcast
10.  Migration capability for existing customers

Not only will  our systems enabale you to quickly and accurately recuit new members to your programme it will also remove and reduce support costs for your own organisation. Single sign on capabilities allow your members to sign in with one profile via any enabled device or site. This ensures your member experience is consistent and puts them in control of their data, privacy and programme settings.


Benefits Management

The Life Champions platform enables us to build benefits packages known as “plans”.  These plans can include bundled benefits that we  have sourced in each country as well as benefits that your organisation has built.  To make sure the member has what they are entitled to the platform can be configured with entitlement codes and parameters which can be amended on the fly. Technology in the hands

Key Features:

1.    Pre-built/bespoke benefit plans
2.    Multi-level benefit plans for recurring members
3.    Ability to manage in-house benefits
4.    Promotions, campaigns for new, repeat members
5.    Entitlement codes for use across sites, mobile apps
6.    Time specific access to benefits 1 day, 1 month etc.
7.    Recurring billing subscription for auto-rebill/retry
8.    Multi-territory/multi-currency
9.    Redemption tracking
10.  Ability for members to renew plans with Points

Our benefits management and display options can be configured by group, territoritory in fact by any peice of universal profile data we hold securely in our systems. Benefits can be time and location sensitive and can even be linked to item stock availability within your stores or venues.  Delivery is across all configured device types again ensuring harmonious communication and member experience.


Billing & Subscription

Life Champions has partnered with world leaders to place fully integrated billing and subscription management at the centre of our platform.  With 99.99% uptime and powerful promotions, campaign and billing bundle management, our combined strength ensures you have a 360 degree view. This can be used to enhance your renewals and winback campaigns.

Key Features:Silver credit card, macro 3D render

1.    Multi-function billing lifecycle management
2.    99.99% uptime
3.    Fully encrypted PCI compliant environment
4.    Dynamic promotions with no programming required
5.    Attrition management and Auto-rebill
6.    Subscriptions, one off and unit of measure billing
7.    Real-world and virtual currency
8.    Physical goods and virtual goods handling
9.    Package & product bundling
10.  Promotions, coupons and gift card management

The engine also unlocks dynamic promotion management, attrition and win-back campaigns to reduce headcount and lost revenue. Moving  your membership and product billing and subsriptions into our platform can also save your organisation time and money whilst providing a single member view of all billing, subscritpions packages.


Membership cards

The Life Champions platform has been designed to integrate or provide a number of membership card options. We use a range of technologies providing your programme members with a branded membership card at the earliest possible time in the customer journey.   We can enhance existing membership card issuance with our multi-function cards.

Key Features: Mobile banking and finance concept

1.    Branded cards for your programme
2.    Multiple format, digital & physical cards
3.    Variable marketing materials, card designs and inserts
4.    Digital cards issued to all members
5.    Multifunction payment/membership cards
6.    EPOS or stand alone options
7.    Multiple wallets from coalltion partner brands
8.    All cards can support over 1.5million Chosen Causes
9.    Location based geo-promotions
10.  Promotional digital cards, coupons and gift cards

We use digital membership cards at the beginning of the customer journey to keep costs down. If your organisation already provides members with physical cards, we can replace those with our multi-function payment cards enhancing the member experiene with additional benefits such as in store cashback,  multiple currency travel wallets and safer online shopping experiences.


Multi Device Management & Apps

Consumers want to access services on their terms and on their device of choice.  We enable your customers, fans, supporters, followers and shoppers to become members of your Life Champions powered programme through multiple channels with one unified experience.  Our platform delivers across PC, mobile, tablet, Kiosk and in store experiences. 

Cloud computing concept design

Key Features:

1.    Full social sign in
2.    Two step security for additional peace of mind
3.    Full self-service of profile & settings
4.    Access online, mobile, tablet & kiosk
5.    Branded portals for multi-channel access
6.    Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry
7.    Personalised portals & app experience per member
8.    Self-service kiosks for in-store, in location access
9.    Location based messaging & promotions
10.  Extendible to games consoles & smartTV

Members can enrol and self-service which will reduce calls to your support centres and leverage the full power of social sign in from more than a dozen social providers. Look out for our new enhancements for Smart Watch technology and game console integration. With our range of device capabilities our programmes can extend your brand direct to members’ devices even if you don’t have app capabilities of your own.


Data Analytics

The Life Champions platform provides powerful data analytics for each of the products we offer.  All interactions with the system are categorised into data clusters. These are highly scaled anonymous repositories of interaction data for each member and hierarchical brand. We can interrogate these clusters dynamically to assist in loyalty planning to data modelling.

Customer in control

Key Features:

1.    All products generate member profile data
2.    Scaled to handle over 1 billion member records
3.   Registration, transactions, locations & social data
4.    Interoperability enables products to be linked
5.    Full members profile segmentation
6.    Live dashboard reports
7.    Ability to build custom data clusters
8.    Data is encrypted never sold, rented or released
9.    Real-time data feeds on multifunction prepaid cards
10.  Accessible via the API

The platform not only provides you and your members with a unique and constistent experience, it also augments the value of your membership data.  This data can be interpreted with your own secure analytics tools that we provide as part of the service.  User friendly interfaces and bank grade security give you access to review and respond to member behaviour, much of which is real time. 


API Access

The Life Champions Platform has a series of Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) that can be used across a number of the products.  Using encrypted key access; Enterprise and Enterprise+ grade Clients can leverage the APIs to create secure links to your existing systems.  Our API access to help build unified customer experiences or simply enhance your current site.

Key Features: silhouette monitor

1.    Encrypted token access to the system
2.    Field by field  control
3.    Full protection for all personal information
4.    No credit or debit card information is stored in the APIs
5.    Ability to create bespoke feeds to your existing enterprise
6.    Ability to integrate into your websites, portals and Apps
7.    Bespoke field access allowing only you data access
8.    News feeds available for programme overview
9.    Content feeds available for your websites and Apps
10.  On-going development to bring additional features

The API are constantly being updated with new fields and will soon include our membership points profiling and Gamification elements as well.  Our integration ensures all your programme communications will be displayed with your full branding along with any compliance information that we need to display. Our API can be used to enhance and enrich your organisations understanding of your members through the richness and diversity of data we provide.  All API access is compliant with the relevent data protection regulations and members’ Privacy Centre settings.


Multi-channel Member Support

Looking after your members is our number one priority. Our multi-channel support helps prevent issues before they arise and helps close them down before they escalate. Working across mobile, social, response centres and inter community help we provide a next generation support system to keep your programme on track.  

Key Features:Multi-channel customer support screen

  1. Multi-channel monitoring
  2. Bespoke programme support
  3. Integration with existing call centres
  4. Fully SLA monitoring
  5. Profile based support
  6. Screen and call recording
  7. Community support
  8. Trend management
  9. Agent skill profiling
  10. PCI level security

Full programme support can be extended to your existing call centres, maintaining full tracking, call and screen recording. With the ability to read and respond direct in social channels with full 360 customer profile view, agents can deliver the answer across multiple devices.  

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  • What We Do

    Our Private Social Network (PSN) puts traditional and emerging digital brands in control of their fans and followers’ data, revenue and global digital rights. The PSN recognises and rewards ongoing engagement from fans and followers whilst creating engaging multi-channel opportunities for sponsors, authorised brands and content providers.

    The LC PSN unlocks the multi-billion-dollar digital sponsorship and marketing opportunity whilst promoting, protecting and policing the digital rights of the brand.

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  • Our USPs

    Delivered in weeks not months: better, faster, cheaper than our competitors, with pre-built solutions here are our top 10 USPs:

    - Digital Wealth Management
    - Fan engagement
    - E-wallets, Loyalty & rewards in one
    - Revenue generative
    - No CAPEX requirement
    - Full social integration
    - Monetises communities
    - "Pick & Mix” components
    - Scaled to 1 Billion accounts
    - Multi-device support

  • Safe & Secure

    We leverage our e-money heritage to bring bank grade enterprise deployment for full peace of mind for you and your Fans:

    - Enterprise scaled platform
    - Hierarchical Territory access
    - Bank grade security
    - Multi-layer member accounts
    - Log in audit tracking
    - Full voice recording
    - PCI billing environment
    - Full encrypted data
    - Built in-resilience
    - Agent tracking & recording

  • Life Champions Release 6.0

    We have been working hard to incorporate many new features and here are just a few we think you will love:

    - Frictionless social registration
    - Global video platform
    - Private Video Market place
    - Fan engagement suite
    - Multi region avilability
    - Integrated marketing cloud
    - Member Privacy Centre
    - Multi-channel support
    - Social data access