Strength in numbers!

Life Champions is constantly looking to improve and increase our platform capabilities and believes in “strength in numbers”. We believe that you should “Know what you do and know what you don’t do”. We have partnered and integrated with over 40 leading technology companies to provide an out-of-the-box solution.

The mobile apps platforms we work with:

Life Champions operates a “mobile-first” policy enabling your members to log in where they want when they want and on their device of choice, mobile tablet and later this year through their SmartTV or gameconsoles:

Who we work with Mobile Technology

The social media platforms we work with

No one can deny the power of social media sites and we work with over 30 social providers to allow your members to sign in and return to their programme with their chosen social provider. Here are just a selection of the primary social sign in providers we work with and that are integrated to our platform:

Who we work with Social Sign in Providers

Global technology providers

Our platform brings together over 40 pre-integrated global technology providers so you can leverage the power of our platform-as-a-service without the costs or time required to do the integrations in house.  Our extenisible APIs allow you to connect your existing systems to us to bring even more power to our offering.  Here are just a selection of the global technology providers we work with:

who we work with 4

Reducing risk:

The Life Champions platform brings together these components ensuring your business is working with robust and well scaled infrastructure without incurring the costs usually associated with building and integrating software.

Reducing the costs:

As our business has already completed the integration this removes or reduces the work on your side so you can take advantage of our pricing models and pre-built integration. Our buying power ensures that we get the best deals possible and we can pass on those savings to you.

Faster time to market:

The Life Champions ecosystem of partners increases your time to market whilst reducing the burden on your IT department. We constantly assess our partners and can plug and play with new players for each component to maintain a market leading position.

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  • What We Do

    Our Private Social Network (PSN) puts traditional and emerging digital brands in control of their fans and followers’ data, revenue and global digital rights. The PSN recognises and rewards ongoing engagement from fans and followers whilst creating engaging multi-channel opportunities for sponsors, authorised brands and content providers.

    The LC PSN unlocks the multi-billion-dollar digital sponsorship and marketing opportunity whilst promoting, protecting and policing the digital rights of the brand.

  • Life Champions Head Office

    Heron Tower,
    110 Bishopsgate,
    London EC2N 4AY
    Fax: 0207 681 3422

    Life Champions Loyalty LTD.
    Company number: 09311870
    VAT Number: 202-9919-09

  • Our USPs

    Delivered in weeks not months: better, faster, cheaper than our competitors, with pre-built solutions here are our top 10 USPs:

    - Digital Wealth Management
    - Fan engagement
    - E-wallets, Loyalty & rewards in one
    - Revenue generative
    - No CAPEX requirement
    - Full social integration
    - Monetises communities
    - "Pick & Mix” components
    - Scaled to 1 Billion accounts
    - Multi-device support

  • Safe & Secure

    We leverage our e-money heritage to bring bank grade enterprise deployment for full peace of mind for you and your Fans:

    - Enterprise scaled platform
    - Hierarchical Territory access
    - Bank grade security
    - Multi-layer member accounts
    - Log in audit tracking
    - Full voice recording
    - PCI billing environment
    - Full encrypted data
    - Built in-resilience
    - Agent tracking & recording

  • Life Champions Release 6.0

    We have been working hard to incorporate many new features and here are just a few we think you will love:

    - Frictionless social registration
    - Global video platform
    - Private Video Market place
    - Fan engagement suite
    - Multi region avilability
    - Integrated marketing cloud
    - Member Privacy Centre
    - Multi-channel support
    - Social data access