Investment opportunities

Life Champions is a privately owned UK head quartered company delivering enterprise grade e-wallets, payments, rewards, benefits and loyalty programmes through mobile devices.  We have carefully managed our costs and selected our suppliers to help share the cost of our deployment to date.


Our Executive Team combines many years of experience delivering enterprise grade global platforms.  We bring this experience to a platform unique in its ability to deliver rapid innovation to a variety of vertical markets across the globe.  This experience has helped to keep our costs low and our on-boarding processes are amongst the fastest in the world.

No competition

Competitors may offer one or two key components to clients, however we have consistently seen opportunities where competitors struggle to compete with us on scope and breadth of our service. Our platform has multiple components to ensure all the critical elements can be provided to clients out of the box without prohibitive CAPEX requirements. Life Champions can provision clients in less than 1 hour in multiple countries without disturbing existing IT Infrastructures or relying on a client’s already stretched IT staff.

Our component approach enables us to compete and win over the most established companies with our speed, agility and vision. This unlocks client potential without the cost and enables key stake holders such as Chief Marketing Officers the full capability to drive their business forward without budget, IT or resource constraints.

This component approach also affords us greater commercial leverage, packaging the key components clients need whilst being able to use their existing budget lines to pay for increased capabilities, reach and revenue.

Our market opportunity

We have carefully chosen the markets we operate in and how we do it. Our pre-built solutions enable up to 1 billion members to hold accounts with our systems.  We operate in the following vertical markets for maximum opportunity leverage:

  • Associations & Memberships
  • Banking & Processors
  • Celebrities
  • Charities & Not-for-Profits
  • Corporates
  • Government
  • Mobile Networks
  • Radio Networks
  • Publishers
  • TV Networks
  • Sports & Leisure Groups
  • Retailers & Merchants
  • Social Media, bloggers & Gamers
  • Students
  • Venues & Places of interest

Know what you do, know what you don’t do

Our reseller and agent model enables us to extend our reach to agencies, reseller specialists and enterprise partners taking our products to mass markets in return for ongoing revenue streams and enhanced product offerings that complement their existing operations.

Low risk high ROI

Our model has been carefully balanced to keep our operating costs to a fraction of those of our competitors; combined with our transactional cost model we can operate a member account at a lower than any potential competitor. We only incur costs if we are making money and the value of the data clusters add to the high rate of return providing clients, resellers and ourselves with some of the highest ROI models in the industry.

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  • What We Do

    Our Private Social Network (PSN) puts traditional and emerging digital brands in control of their fans and followers’ data, revenue and global digital rights. The PSN recognises and rewards ongoing engagement from fans and followers whilst creating engaging multi-channel opportunities for sponsors, authorised brands and content providers.

    The LC PSN unlocks the multi-billion-dollar digital sponsorship and marketing opportunity whilst promoting, protecting and policing the digital rights of the brand.

  • Life Champions Head Office

    Heron Tower,
    110 Bishopsgate,
    London EC2N 4AY
    Fax: 0207 681 3422

    Life Champions Loyalty LTD.
    Company number: 09311870
    VAT Number: 202-9919-09

  • Our USPs

    Delivered in weeks not months: better, faster, cheaper than our competitors, with pre-built solutions here are our top 10 USPs:

    - Digital Wealth Management
    - Fan engagement
    - E-wallets, Loyalty & rewards in one
    - Revenue generative
    - No CAPEX requirement
    - Full social integration
    - Monetises communities
    - "Pick & Mix” components
    - Scaled to 1 Billion accounts
    - Multi-device support

  • Safe & Secure

    We leverage our e-money heritage to bring bank grade enterprise deployment for full peace of mind for you and your Fans:

    - Enterprise scaled platform
    - Hierarchical Territory access
    - Bank grade security
    - Multi-layer member accounts
    - Log in audit tracking
    - Full voice recording
    - PCI billing environment
    - Full encrypted data
    - Built in-resilience
    - Agent tracking & recording

  • Life Champions Release 6.0

    We have been working hard to incorporate many new features and here are just a few we think you will love:

    - Frictionless social registration
    - Global video platform
    - Private Video Market place
    - Fan engagement suite
    - Multi region avilability
    - Integrated marketing cloud
    - Member Privacy Centre
    - Multi-channel support
    - Social data access